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English summary

The firm itself was established in 1987. From the year 2000 we have the Polish Company Register KRS 0000190456 and the name "ARKON STUDIO" Ltd. We are the group of chartered architects, SARP (Union of Polish Architects) members, licensed in Poland - Izba Architektów Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, Pomorska Okręgowa Izba Architektów (Chamber of Architects), of significant experience in designing, also beyond the Polish borders.

We are working together with engineers of every branch useful in completing the project in architecture, urban design, town planning, monument preservation, landscape architecture or interior design.

In our studies, we are working together with the scientists from Technical University of Gdańsk, Architecture Dept. (professionals who have all needed titles required in spatial design, urban planning, architectural design, at the construction field or in geodesy, or to extend immovable).Most of them are the members of SARP and TUP (Union of Polish Town Planners). Our designers were getting experience being involved in projects in Poland, Holland, France, Germany, and Switzerland, and in Iraq .


Main board of "ARKON STUDIO" Ltd:



MSc Chart. Arch. Anna Sołtysiak (PG, SARP, Licence No 4808/Gd/91, PO-0469)
PhD Chart. Arch. Jacek Sołtysiak (PG, SARP, Licence No 4277/Gd/89, PO-0470)
MSc Chart. Arch. Joanna Starzyńska (PG, SARP, Licence No 5973/Gd/94, PO-0477)
MSc Chart. Arch. Jacek Portalski (PG, Licence No PO/KK/256/2008, PO-1004)

MSc Chart. Arch. Michał Pobudkiewicz (PG, Licence No PO/KK/378/2010)

MSc Arch. Zbigniew Sochacki (PG)

MSc Arch. Bartosz Sołtysiak (PG)
MSc Eng. Maciej Sołtysiak (upr. kat.D nr D/1157/447/13; kat.E nr E/1156/447/13 )


Our designs are usually checked by


MSc Chart. Arch Sławomir Nowicki (PW, SARP, Licence upr. Z art.361 p.b. nr ew. 540/61)

Some of the designs, already realised.

• PeKaO S.A. Bank in Gdańsk , Garncarska str
• Apartment block in Gdańsk-Orunia
• Addition to Apartment block, Gdańsk-Zaspa, Skarzynskiego str
• Academy of Banking, Gdańsk, Do Studzienki str
• Hostel & Education Centre for Telekomunikacja Polska S.A., Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz, Żywiecka str
• House for Mr. Olszowski, Gdynia , Wiejska str
• HIT Shopping Centre Gdynia
• Leroy-Merlin supermarkets in Gdańsk, Warszawa (3), Białystok, Bydgoszcz, Piaseczno
• KOMFORT supermarket 3M in Gdańsk Grunwaldzka str
• Ahold - shopping centre "OGRODY" in Elbląg
• ADRIANA S.A.office buildings modernisation - Kosowizna - Chełmno
• FORCAN S.A. - factory in Tczew
• FAURECIA II - factory in Wałbrzych
• DOMO FABER furniture shop in Chełmno - interior design
• ADRIANA S.A. factory modernisation in Chełmno
• LOTOS S.A. office building modernisation & interior designs


Studies, concepts & unrealised designs

• "Impar" Bank in Wilno
• Dwelling area in Gdynia by Kielecka str. (for "Hossa" Company)
• Apartment & office block in Gdynia
• Education Centre with Hotel and recreational facilities for Ministry of Treasure
• Eco Tire Recycling - factory in Tczew
• GALEON (yachts producer) new factory in Swarożyn


Designs we are working at

• Leroy-Merlin supermarkets in Toruń and Łódź (under realisation)
• Extension of MTD Ltd warehouse in Orle
• Renovation of the palace from XVIII/XIX in Grubno (under realisation)
• Outlet shopping centre FASHION HOUSE near Gdańsk (under realisation)